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Nov 7, 2014
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NB Canada - Maine's next door neighbour
So in Canada we have this new-ish flat rate box that is not as tall as USPS medium and large boxes, but wider and deeper.

I can fit 9 chip boxes in here all on one level.
I lined the bottom and sides with pieces of foamcore. Also added foam and cardboard padding.

It's pretty heavy. But the weight is spread out on a wide area. I feel like this is less likely to bust open at capacity. Which most of us sometimes worry about with the USPS boxes.

I'd normally split the 9 racks into 2 USPS MFRB. But I think this can handle the 9.

Anyone else have experience with these or opinions?


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I can pack up to about 200 chips in an Extra Small box, 300 and possibly some change in a Small, 600 in a Large, and I've done over 800 plus well-padded acrylic racks in an Extra-Large.

For shipping within Canada, there are prepaid flat rate boxes that can fit 4 racks for CAD$18 (I think) as long as final weight is under 5kg. I've packed a box with 5 racks of Bud Jones each because they weigh a bit less than Paulson clays and it stays under the 5kg limit.
I always tape the seems down/over with smaller boxes, too (as no doubt many who have received smaller packages from me can attest), but I don't worry so much about continuous tape layers with those. Only the larger/heavier ones.
I'm definitely taping all chip boxes together to make 1 large brick inside the box. And always tape the entire box in all directions with larger boxes.

As it is, my wife looked at this last night and said those look like suspicious bricks. (As someone who works for the po-po). Lol.
I've never had to wrap everything inside as a single block, but I do make sure that the inner spaces are filled and I do a shake test to make sure there is minimal to no movement within before I seal things up.
One major advantage for blocking (and then totally enclosed with bubble wrap) is that the package contents will never spill out or become damaged no matter how compromised the outer box becomes.

I always 100% tape the exterior box too, but if that ever does happen to fail, the interior contents are still well-protected on their own.

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