GB Completed "THE NUTS" TABLE TOPPERS (1 Viewer)

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Mine arrived safe and sound and my one and only complaint is that I didn’t buy an oval one too!!

Truly fantastic work all around. I think my favorite unexpected takeaway is the brown comes off more like a bronze. It’s got crazy depth! And the dark contrast across betting line pops so hard against that depth.

I almost backed out a few times for the purpose of extra funds, and I am soooooooo happy I stuck around! I’ll never feel bad if I don’t have time to pull out the card table anymore. The kitchen table will be the place to be!!

Thank you, James, for letting us all tag along on the journey!!

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That's a lot of Nuts! Now the question is when will be the next Nuts GB?
Arrived this morning with my new dealer buttons...looks great

Slightly smaller on the Barrington, but set just right gets nice blue outline

Thx for setting this up, definitely worth the wait

Yes, I decided to get more precise dimensions of the table toppers last night, and it seems like their quality control wasn't the best. On two rectangle toppers, one measured about 69.5" x 35", while the other was about 70.5" x 35.5" (which is more in line with what I ordered).

It seems that they probably figured an inch one way or another was "good enough" and shipped them out. I don't have a Barrington table, so it doesn't affect me. But I know a lot of you guys use them. I hope it doesn't detract too much from the topper itself. I guess if there is ever a "next time" I will know to put extra emphasis on the precise measurements needed for the oval table toppers.
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