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Feb 22, 2023
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I picked up some old Sundance chips off of eBay a few years back. They are the most worn, flattest and at the time were the most dirty chips I have ever seen (they have since been cleaned).

Today I picked them up and started thinking, (“is it possible to have a more worn out chip?”)

I put them against a barrel of new chips and it was almost a 2 chip difference!


I was able to fit 22 in a Paulson rack!


I took out the calipers and this is what they measured…


I actuallly like have them to measure wear on other chips as a comparison…

I would love to know if anyone has a more worn stack of chips than this…

Let’s see what’s out there


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I played in the Mirage about 20 years ago, and the $5 chips looked like someone had started to nibble on them. They would have been consider FLAT bicysle tires for sure :(
I had a few chips that no longer even had the mold anymore. They were wafers. Those Sundance chips have pretty deep molds so probably around the same. 22/barrel
Normally the center area where the inlay is is slightly recessed, on these the center area is thicker and the edges are recessed…
Years ago a fair number of the $2 chips at Foxwoods were close to these.
Who is collecting Palomar Club chips? The 50c I have you can barely see the hat/cane.
There are a few chips out there that are pretty worn, having been used for decades. Some older CA card room chips might qualify.
California Bell Casino comes to mind. In fact, I paired such chips with my Sundance lot because they are similar in condition.

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