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Straight Flush
Feb 2, 2015
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United States
...RHC chips, the more I'm glad I don't care for that mold - because there are so many additional sets I'd want if I did like it!

...of the Lakeshore Inn set from @LabMonkey, the more I die a little inside - because it's six kinds of awesome!!

...Matsui plaques, the more I'm sure there needs to be a GB of these somewhere soon!

...of sets like Mardi Gras v1, BCC GCRs, Avalon Clubs, etc, the more I'm sad that these sets are done being made :( Part of me wishes I'd started 5-7 years sooner. My bank account is glad I didn't.
...Mapes the more I want a set regardless of cost BCC Mardi Gras v1 set without the partial racks of 5s and 25s full, I puke just a little bit into my mouth. Help!

...custom TRK sets I wish I had the money and opportunity to buy all the TRK production assets and reopen the damn shop!

...Mapes, Mapes, Mapes...Oh I said that already!! :)

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