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Jul 27, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I'm going to have a very limited number of sample sets of my Canoe Club tournament set for sale. There are going to be a few ground rules and caveats, however. FROR is going to go to those whom expressed interest in samples in the showcase thread here when the main set first arrived last summer. Beyond that, there will only be 20 total sample sets available. I'll sell to anyone in the world but will only ship to a US address, meaning if you're not stateside, I'll send it to a reshipper of your choice. The FROR has a few German members in particular, and if all still want a sample, I'll send all to one reshipper and once in Germany they can be distributed from there.

The cost for the sample set is $35 shipped to the final US address destination. After that, for international members, it's on you. My responsibility for the packages ends as soon as they're delivered to the designated US address. I will assist in the event that a package goes missing domestically within the United States, but I am not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage otherwise from your reshipper to the destination country. Same goes for domestic shipments. My responsibility ends as soon as it arrives at the provided US address.

Each sample set will have one T5, T25, T100, T500, T1000, T5000, and T25000 chip each for a total of 7 chips. Chips will be shipped well protected in bubble wrap in a bubble mailer.

In the spirit of full transparency, the sample sets do not cost $35 to make. This amount factors in my costs in terms of shipping, packaging materials, shipping and Paypal fees from CPC, and a small order surcharge that CPC is charging me. In terms of real dollars, I'm profiting just under a dollar per sample set, I'm just rounding up the non whole number costs in terms of shipping and per chip.

Below is who I have that expressed interest in the showcase thread, if you're tagged, please respond promptly within 24 hours and let me know if you still want a sample. Otherwise, next person in line gets a chance. I'll have 20 total available, and anyone not on the FROR list will be entered in a drawing for an opportunity to buy a sample set. I'll leave it open until 8pm EDT tomorrow night (5/7/22) so as to not drag this out.

FROR List:

2. @superchromix
3. @OfficerLovejoy
4. @raynmanas
5. @davislane
6. @Chippy McChiperson
8. @Senzrock
10. @toNIelf

That leaves nine extra spots that will be drawn for. Please post some variation of "in" or "interested" if you'd like a chance!


Some photos:

Thanks everyone and good luck!

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Me too!

I’m pretty lucky, I have got a set already!


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