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Nov 28, 2022
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Hi All,

I have a 825 piece cash set of the replica Taj Mahal 39mm Card Mold chips that support my 50c/$1 NL cash game (200/200/300/100/25). And I'm looking to expand on it and obtain higher denominations to support a STT T25.

This is what I'm looking for as of 4/30 10:36am EST.

Update as of May 8- I made notes of the minimum I’m willing to take so I have round numbers for a Justin GB:

$25 - 20
$100 - 95 55 NOTE - willing to take 5
$500 - 50 Only need 10
$1,000 - 80 60 NOTE - willing to take 10
$5,000 - 30 29 NOTE - willing to take 4
40mm Justin Rack - 1

A couple things to note:

Thinking of having starting stacks of T10k or T20k, rebuys for the first hour, and a blind structure that would end tournaments in ~3 hours. It would seem the chips I'm looking for would easily support this.

I know these are very affordable from a Justin monthly buy, which I eventually will do if I can't find them. However, I want to give someone a chance to get rid of their chips if they aren't using them or if they have extras that don't get used.

I'm also looking for a rack of blue 25c if anyone's game grew out of using quarters.

Lastly, I have a rack of pink 25c and some extra Taj Mahal cut cards (both bridge and poker sized) that I'm willing to trade / throw into the deal.

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Bump. Update for what I’m looking for:

$25 - 20
$100 - 55
$500 - 10
$1,000 - 55
$5,000 - 35

And one Justin Rack
For those who got new hybrid chips, sell me your old card mold chips!
bump - sell me just a handful of some higher denoms you had to buy during a justin GB but don't need.
Great news, a very mind member is going to take my extras from a Justin GB. I am closing this thread.
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