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Mr. Cheese

Full House
Aug 8, 2013
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Hey all,

Wondering if anyone knows what size table base I would need for my 48" octagon table?

I've got a single hexagon 7 inch pedestal with 13.5 inch long legs (3 of them) so from leg end to leg end its 29 inches and from the center to the end of each leg its 17 inches.

I'm thinking being from leg to leg its 29 inches that would be wide enough but wanted some opinions before I go to the trouble of mounting it.

The base on my 55" table is just under 28" wide.
Oh nice, so for my 48" I shouldn't have any issues with stability. When you measured your base diameter was it from leg to leg like I did?

Here's how I measured mine:
single table baser.jpg
Cool then I should be good to go! I just need to build a box or something to mount on top of the pedestal before putting poker table on it being the pedestal is only 24.5 inches tall with the legs.
This is an interesting (and useful post). I just posted about a new poker table top that I won in a contest. I might convert it from a table to to a table using your info, Mr. Cheese. Thanks for the post.
Yeah that base should be more than stable for a 48" diameter table.

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