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Nov 14, 2014
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Washington, DC
Following on my post from a couple of years back (link to that below) where I found random samples in my desk at work, was cleaning something up in the basement and found a chip case I didn’t remember having and found these random samples in it.

First up is the TR King sample set I got I think in 1999 (the Deadwood chip was not part of that, I just threw the chip in there because I had it). Some of the oldsters might remember you could order a sample set and it had all of the colors (though I think I might be missing one or two), a spotted example, a hot stamped example, and inlaid example, and a weird fake ivory chip that they sold. Does this make me regret even more not ordering the chips back in the day. Well yes it does.


Next step is a sample set of the ASM Palmas. It might be one of the most perfect not just ASM sets, but one of the most perfect chip sets period. The clean simplicity of the inlay the classic look of the spot patterns, the colors everything just works. The now defunct 514 punch on display.


Next @Apache Chipco set from the early Aughts. I always liked the retro look of the “inlay”. Felt a bit incongruous on a ceramic, but it was a good looking set, and I like the variety of the spot patterns which not many people were doing on ceramics back then.


Lastly the ABC (now @BR Pro Poker ) expanded Binions WSOP style. It was a bold offering back in the day though (I think you can still get them). I thought, long and hard about getting a set of those, but changing some demons around.

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