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Apr 1, 2013
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I'm always curious about how things start. How did you start playing poker? Did a family member introduce you to it at a young age? Did you start playing online? Or did you first get introduced at college?
For me personally, I first started online a long time ago. I read a few articles about the basic rules and strategies on some websites. I then started playing some virtual games (without betting any actual money). From there it snowballed and I met a few people who also played and we started to meet up to play. Since then, I have not looked back!
I started out by playing poker in the garage with my parents when I was 14. I seen them playing every weekend, and one day I just got interested in the learning the game myself. I'm glad then I decided to learn how to play poker at such a young age, because it has benefited me a lot, and now I have a ton of experience.
My girlfriends parents taught me old school ways of playing. Also my girl friends best friends boyfriend the internet ways and the abc's. Were now very close.
I actually got interested in poker because of the WSOP. It was one of the years when the field got HUGE and the winner got some outrageous amount for winning. I knew very little about poker at that time (barely knew the hierarchy of hands). After I watched the tourney I got interested and started to listen to podcast. I borrow a book from an avid player, but barely finished. We started playing home games and I got interested in Omaha as well. After I played in a poker room and double my buy-in, I was hooked!
I heard that if you become a poker pro that you don't have to work, can sleep all day, and can party all night.

When I heard that I was sold ;)
I actually started playing it after I played it in the video game, red dead redemption lol.

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