Cancelled Stardust Mansion -- running out of $5 and $25 (1 Viewer)

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May 29, 2013
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For sale: 400 x $1

Price is $1/chip shipped (domestically) -- minimum of 100 chips for free shipping.
Chis are used but very nice condition, could just use a little cleaning. Racks not included.

($5s and $25s sold out)


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Bump, and updated quantities in OP to reflect current totals.
Quantities updated again...running out of $5s and $25s. First come, first served for the rest of these. Full set purchases no longer required.
$25s are almost gone, now the $5s are almost gone too!
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A few more $5 and $25 added back in, as a pending order reduced. Get 'em while you can!
I just have $1s left. Price dropped to $1/chip. Come get 'em!

(Except for the small set I have on eBay, which includes one rack of $5 and a barrel of $25)
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eBay set sold, and so did another couple of racks of $1s.

Down to just 500 x $1, and then that's it for the Stardust.
Stardust inventory slowly decreasing. Down to 4 racks left. A buck a chip!
@Tommy, why can't I change the ad title? My only option in thread tools is to change the prefix.
Still can't. Its strange. I can change the title on some of my ads, but not others. The option just isn't there for some ads. Not a huge problem, but a puzzler.
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