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Nov 5, 2014
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Riverside, CA, USA
I was inspired by Tommy's images of his collection... and the fact that I have never done reasonable pr0n for my sets... I decided to. There are more photos in the gallery, but here are some of the overalls (all-in)
Great collections! Thanks for sharing them.
very nice collection i saw you miss some THC 1$ if you want i have 50 mint that i have never used in a game
I "table full 'o chips" photos! Nicely done, and great looking sets!
I "table full 'o chips" photos! Nicely done, and great looking sets!

Secondeded! I especially like the California Bell and Binions sets, and of course, the Key Wests.

Hey, you need some of the "other" grey Casablanca hundos (the ones with white and red spots, and with textured inlays) to match the textured inlay red $5s and green $25s in your set. I think I might have some extras, and will let you know when I get home.

What are the blue chips you're using for $1s with your Casas? I don't recognize them. And the orange fracs? Jokers Wild quarters, perhaps?
Thanks everyone.

ski, let me know what you have for the other Casa hundo. I would only be interested in 10 if you have extras. The ones are the Scandia fantasy chips and yeah, the orange are Joker's Wild.
Awesome Shaggy. Awesome. Thanks for sharing taht massive pr0n. I always love when I see a table full of chipes.

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