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Jun 22, 2022
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I don’t know if this should be a new thread or a add-on to my welcome post but I figured I would discuss the start of “my journey” as I have read about several others. If it should be an add-on . . . my bad?

Let’s really introduce myself and add about my poker/gambling/new chippin hobby journey.

As I mentioned slyly from my original post, I am military. I move often and I seem to pick up hobbies everywhere I travel. It kills the wife but it’s who I am. I want to try new things. Most recently duck / waterfowl hunting has gotten the blood flowing.

Despite trying new hobbies often, poker has always been part of my life. Really gambling has been a huge part. Since I was young. I grew up with a family of degenerates. My dad side of the family kills it at the casinos (some of the stories about their wins could be discussed at another time including some million dollar jackpots, that being said they are degens and there is not much to show for it). My mom on the other hand has been nicknamed “the cooler” by my dad’s side (now divorced) she wasn’t allowed on the casino floor when they gambled. Me I don’t really know what to call it, “average at best” . However, I love to play and I have been playing home games or sneaking into casinos (I guess now it’s not sneaking) since I was in high school.

So I was apart of the Chris Moneymaker, rounders, online poker craze of the early 2000s. I would play free/cheap tournaments on Various websites, head to parties where we played poker instead of girls, and as I mentioned sneak into casinos, well one in particular casino Morongo, now it’s much to big for all that but in ‘03 the side door always let us in and never carded. My passion continued to grow.

When I first entered the military, gambling with superiors was not only frowned upon but a crime. Somehow I managed to prove I could be trusted and was able to play in a weekly game with folks who outranked me and it was awesome a weekly game where I could do what I enjoyed and make money (they generally sucked, thinking back now maybe they lost to me on purpose…. Nah that can’t be it ).

Several years went by, deployments and moves, led to new games, trips to Vegas and other areas with legalize gambling. I continued to enjoy it. Even had a set of generic chips stolen while in storage on deployment.

This led to what we will call the “dark years.” I went back to college and eventually law school where I was broke. Gambling was pretty much out of the question if I wanted to pay rent or eat. So I took a hiatus. With a few exceptions.

Once I graduated from all that nonsense and I had a job again gambling became an acceptable thing again. I moved to Hawaii for a period of time and my sister moved near by with a boyfriend who was a poker pro. All we did was play cards, discuss strategy, find games. It was glorious but we never even considered getting into chips (yes I know we were idiots).

I again moved, this time to Texas where I began to work with an old friend @Sicembears, he introduced me to a weekly game at a local spot nearby and then told me about his passion for collecting chips. I didn’t understand at first. So I went to games; played, made money on his set up and didn’t think much of it “at first.” Then I realized how shitty I had it in the past, how playing with garbage chips with no denomination and no ability to shuffle sucked and how confusing it could be. That’s when it hit me, I need to learn more about chips and I need to have a respectable set. Then he told me about the only place that is appropriate to Learn about this stuff. PCF!!!!! Now that a respectable set is forthcoming (bought a small cash set so far). I probably won’t stop at just one. But that’s kinda the point now isn’t it?

Ok so that’s my journey and story so far. For those of you who made it this far cool. Thanks for reading.

For the TLDR: I like gambling, had a friend preach about chips, realized how awesome it is to have a real deal set and then prob way more. Gonna do that with the best forum out there PCF.


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Awesome story, thanks for sharing! And welcome to PCF.

This made me crack up.

My mom on the other hand has been nicknamed “the cooler” by my dad’s side (now divorced) she wasn’t allowed on the casino floor when they gambled
Awesome story, thanks for sharing! And welcome to PCF.

This made me crack up.
Yea it’s a big deal in the family. I don’t really believe in superstition but this one was hard to refute I saw her walk thru a casino when I was older and everyone started loosing.

Couldn’t just be that people lose at casinos…. Right!?!? Nah the “cooler” theory is a much better story.

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