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Nov 9, 2014
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Looking for a few more SDPM chips, somewhat close to the quantities listed below. I'll buy a little more if I have to in order to secure what I need.

T25 x 34
T100 x 25 (dark version)
T500 x 8
T1k x 16
T5k x 11
T25k x 20

If you have any to spare please reach out via PM and we can discuss further. Thanks all!

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I will take them, I’ll send a pm a little later on once I’m back home.
Updated the quantities I'm looking for, found a few but still looking for more.
Still looking. OP pic is old, the number of chips I have now are much smaller. Help me increase my set.
I am now interested in the SDPM cash chips as well, possibly looking at building a cash set so if you have some to sell I'm your guy.
This bump thing is getting boring, someone sell me the chips I need so I can stop spamming;)
OP updated with quantities I'm looking for. Haven't made much progress, but will not be giving up.

I have small quantities of ESST 25-5k that I'm willing to part with in trade if necessary.
I've knocked on every door I can think of, with virtually no success. I am thankful for the few I was able to get, but it looks like getting more of these is going to be a long process:).

PLEASE reach out to me if you have any to spare, or are thinking of selling a set. I'll be in the market for the quantities in the OP (minimum) until it's filled. Open to more as well, as I'm currently without a tourney set.
Y’all need to free up some cash to buy Binions chips...sell me some Stardust chips
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