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Not Mine Savannah Lady (1 Viewer)

It is roughly 900 chips. They aren't worth what people pay for singles (if someone were going to sell the set one at a time, it might take decades to sell all of them).

I am guessing about value - say $0.75 to $1.25 per chip. So $675 to $1,125 for the set. The seller's opening bid is $1,000 - perhaps a bit high but close enough to reasonable.

What are those strange chips?
i suppose they are plastic but surely not BG, Matsui, BJ, dolphin, rt plastic, abbiati or BJ...
May be céramics..???
It's overpriced. It's been listed for a long long time. I don't think they are special in any way, but I'm a Paulson, BBC, CPC, TRK snob.

...and now the guy is just flat out crazy...I love some of the lines in his advert.

"Be the whale at the table with this set. Great value at this price"

LMFAO - You'll be the beached whale at maybe 7 times their true value.

This actually appears to be the buyer of the original listing, who just copied/pasted most of the listing/photos and marked them up from under $900 to $5,000. I get buying and reselling for a profit, but this is just disgusting. Dude is so lazy that he couldn't even make his own description or take his own photos. Hope he sits on these for a lifetime and gets less than he paid.


"Get to the World Series of Poker by using an authentic casino chip"
I don't think the originals ever sold...same guy.

I could be wrong, but it certainly looks to be different sellers. The link I included above was the original seller, which shows that they sold via best offer about a month ago for ~$900. That seller was 'oducks' in Renton Washington, whIle the new listing with the inflated price is by 'guitarguy' in Baton Rouge LA.

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