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May 29, 2013
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I have been spring cleaning, and have a couple of samples available.

Plus, I thought it might be fun to offer "build your own shuffle stack". Wonder what B&G chips feel like? How about Bud Jones coin-in-center? Matsui? Home TRK versus casino? Get a shuffle stack of each! Some people like to shuffle 10 chips, others like 12 or 14 or 16? Whatever you like, works for me. Build your own -- but 10 of each type of shuffle stack chip is the minimum.

Prices do not include shipping.

Palais des Congres, 6 chips (includes the rare $1 and snapper), $40 per set -- 5 sets available Just 2 more sample sets available

Shuffle stack chips:
B&G -- Europa 25s, $0.75/chip (400 available)

Bud Jones -- Big Easy $25s, $0.75/chip (100 available)

Bud Jones CIC
-- Dorado Puerto Rico $25s, $1.25/chip (approx 200 available)
-- Dorado Puerto Rico $100s, $1.25/chip (approx 200 available)

TRK, home, solid hotstamp, all are $1.25/chip
-- mustard (20 available)
-- green (approx 60 available)
-- tan (100 available)

TRK, Fitzgerald inlaid roulettes, $2.50/chip, mix of GG and EE (can sort if specified)
-- grey (approx 25 available)
-- green (approx 25 available)

Payment via paypal friends and family.



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Also, 1 palais des congres sample please.

I'll rescind my dibs for AS samples. I'd rather spend my money for something I don't own
Oh, I think I have a couple of the Matsui color sample kits to sell too. I'll make sure they're complete, then add them to this listing later. I THINK I have 2 of each of the 2 color sets, 4 total. If they're complete.
I’m looking for a barrel of the PdC $5s. Appreciate the offer but I don’t want to break up sample sets, especially if it only gets me a chip or two.
Okay no worries I didnt know how close you were to completing your racks
Hey Mel, I’d be interested in a barrel of Matsuis to try out - thanks for the offer!
I would like ...
Palais de Congress sample set
$1 Emerald Bay Club (one of each different color of $1 chip you have available)

Thank you
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