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Dec 14, 2019
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8 Bourgogne et Grasset shuffle stacks (10 chips each) consisting of Casino Europa Lithuania LT25 primaries: 7 stacks at $7 ea stack and 1 discount stack at $5 (see below). Shipping is $8 via SFRB.

Quality note: these are casino used. To deliver 10 complete racks (+ spares) with the best chips I had in my earlier sale, I went through the 1090+ chips and removed the “more used” chips (~50) with the intent of using them as part of these shuffle stacks. So these shuffle stacks are not mint, but they aren’t in poor condition, either.

I then pulled out the worst 10 to make a discount stack (shown below). I evenly distributed the remaining ~40 “most used” chips across the 7 stacks, so that each of the 7 stacks would be as balanced as I could make them between chips with little-to-no wear and chips with light wear (a random stack shown below). I played with the image levels to help emphasize any wear on the chips (hence why the marble table looks yellowish). You’ll get a true sense of how they feel and see what casino used BG chips can look like. There are threads on how to clean and remove scuffs if you are interested.

Please don’t hesitate to ask further questions, more photos available upon request.

Stack & status:
1. SOLD @GreekRedEye
2. SOLD @jamesjkim
3. SOLD @jamesjkim
4. SOLD @improviseallday
5. SOLD @improviseallday
6. SOLD @Statesvegas
7. SOLD @Statesvegas
8. Discount stack ($5) SOLD @GreekRedEye


Random stack:

Discount stack ($5):
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