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Apr 23, 2020
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Some sample sets available, already posting just a touch under my cost, but shoot an offer I won't be offended. I am in Canada, which probably only matters to Canadians, don' think shipping to the US is as cost prohibitive as shipping from the US; if that makes sense?

If you are a new member, or unsure about SunFly's think these will help you a bunch on your journey.

Have never posted so please forgive any errors or omissions.

$0.00 + Shipping - 5 - SunFly 43mm - 4 Phoenix Club + a Mountain Top. @justinreber passed these onto me, I'd like to do the same.

$8 + Shipping - 10 - SunFly 43mm Old Schools.

$10 + Shipping - 21 Various Chips, this was the Super Sampler set sent to me from Apache. Bunch of plastics, couple ceramics, China Clays, and a couple Paulsons.


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