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Aug 30, 2023
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houston tx
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Im new to PCF but already wanting to test some chips out to see what kind of set I want to build.
I've already picked up a Tina ceramic cash set to replace my current one.

Looking for a mixed sample set of clays ASM, CPC, PAULSON, BCC, any other I might be missing.
Just looking to get a feel of the options.
I do know ya'll have one going around for new people. I'm just not looking to ship this set back out for a while.
Post or pm what you have with prices including shipping to Texas


I'll PM you. I have a bunch of stuff you can come check out and possibly borrow. Or even purchase a few.
I have all kinds of samples of Paulson chips from casinos. Pm me what you’re looking for

Some samples are $10 a set while some costed me $700 like the one below

PM me if you see something you like….or if you need more details or pics. Sorry it’s such a rudimentary display…

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