Trade CDI 05 Paulsen *incomplete set* Needing 1ks or trade for other complete sets! (1 Viewer)


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Jan 4, 2020
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Denver, Colorado USA
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Hello all, not sure what to do here with my semi set of CDI 05 paulsens set.. i have a decent set of CDI 05 100s 500s and some re labeled THC 2ks that fit the set, but all i really need for this set to be mostly complete is obviously the 1000s. i would be willing to trade my THC white and purple 2ks for any orange 1ks and or purchase the 1ks if selling.

i am also open to full set trades of some sort if things can be similar.. just really wanting a set that has nice 1ks tbh .. im open to trades and for offers tho im not really looking to sell my set im only looking for 1ks or for to trade set for a new set i can actually play with. 99% of my chips are minty and have not been felted much but again im only willing to sell/trade my white 2k chips unless a full set trade could be offered.
here are some pics of the set i have for reference, and would be willing to add any paulsen 1ks to make it a good set and dont have to be CDI honestly im looking for any clay 1ks...
my full chip set and then the re labeled 2000s im willing to trade in the photos:

if you have any questions or advice or people you know selling any 1k chips please let me know. not sure what i have here but i know thesee chips are hard to find so any comments i would love to read about. thanks for looking and your time.


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@Pippa my bad i didnt know that but thats good to know so i can tell people thanks boss, my other buddy told me the white 2ks are old re labeled T2ks are old dover downs $1 or something ... they look GREAT but im not feeling the 2ks in a tourni set so thats where my wires are crossed. but also thanks again for the info!
you could re-relable the 2k as 1k, and get some nice 43mm IHC as 5k upwards?

To respect the mold progression, a THC 500s.

This would be the first CdI progressive mold set i‘ve ever seen! Nice!

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