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Jul 23, 2018
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New Orleans, LA
Does anyone else like rubik’s cube puzzles?
Very cool! I have 4 of those but nothing beats the 3x3.
Know what I remember reading? Tony G was some kind of Rubik’s cube prodigy. Like a world champ at age 9 or something.
That’s a sweet collection.

An old classmate wrote his thesis about the group of moves that can be made on a 3x3 cube.

He is a total wizard at solving them... me not so much.
Son is. Did his first competition a couple months before the world closed down. He does the 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, pyraminx, megaminx, ghost, QiYi six spot, z twist, 2x2x3, phoenix megaminx, Fisher Cube, and a few others. I'll see if I can get a pic tomorrow.

What're your favorites amongst the ones in the pic?
What're your favorites amongst the ones in the pic?

My favorite one to solve is the dodecahedron.


The only one I have not been able to solve yet is this pesky bastard. It has off-centered axes that I haven't figured out how to deal with yet.

Off Center.PNG
Yeah. We have four of five of them around the table. Doesn't help one of our players is a former world champ in cubing... So there is always some 3x3s and 6x6s at the table constantly....
I had the 3x3, piramid, the links, and Rubic's snake. Snake got the most use by far because it was a great "idle mind" time waster. The 3x3 cube was the best to solve.

Haven't touched any of them in over 30 years. :unsure:
My 13 year old sent me a pic of his collection... There's a few he can't solve yet, but most of them he can.

For the record, I can solve a3x3 but only if I talk out the instructions as I go along. "Ok, up right prime down left front prime" etc.


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