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Jan 19, 2023
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North Andover, MA
From my experience, poker chip used in casinos are general purpose chips that can be used for most other games. Roulette chips, however, can only be used for 1 game in the casino. Does that translate to additional numismatic value on average for roulette chips? Presumably the minted count is smaller for Roulette chips compared to poker. Does that mean they are generally more valuable?

I found several barrels of roulette chips in my recovered collection. But I always thought they were not very valuable and might only exceed their clay (melt-down) value. Wow, was I wrong! But relative to poker chips, are they more collectible?

FlushMD (Dr. Flush)

Just like their denominated counterparts, their relative value still depends on demand, supply, condition, material, provenance, etc.

A lot of roulette chips get repurposed here, with many examples of being used as cash fracs or even whole tournament sets. Every now and then, you might even see roulette chips being used for...roulette, of all things!
Less collectible, but there are singles collectors that focus on them.

Bulk roulette chips, if on a regular mold (THC/RHC) often get repurposed though inlay replacement or milling.

Roulette mold chips have a less demand because they say roulette on them.

Paulson roulette chips are almost always solids.

Many casinos use less expensive chips for their roulette tables. (Ie Bud Jones R4)


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