Wanted Roscoe's Modern Life (2 Viewers)

Here are the pics of the Roscoe’s Casino chips
How did I miss this before that there’s two different $5 spots!
The three spotted $5 has dark blue spots correct? Instead of black?
You clearly tried to differentiate these for me earlier…
That changes things… hmmm

You don’t have to make a new lineup with the 3 spotted $5 if you don’t want to…

I might have the most Roscoe’s now :)
Honestly I love these colors, I think the spotted $1s don't mesh as well with the set (they are beautiful in those mixed sets however like @doublebooyah85)
I think I meant to say @louBdub lol
Anyone ever use different color $1s from the same casino?
Or is it better to use the same color, different casino $1s?

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