For Sale River City New Orleans $100 Crescent City Queen REDUCED! (1 Viewer)

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Aug 12, 2013
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Ok, still looking to raise funds to augment my most in play chipsets.

Again, I don’t like doing first dibs sales, as I’ve lost out on so many things because of work or time zones, so I am going to again be doing this a bit different. I am going to wait until thursday April 2nd to see if people are interested. IF there is more than 1 person interested in purchasing, then game on. The people that post interest will have until Friday April 3rd GMT-7 to list 2 additional people to aid them in this quest.
And then at some point on Friday (or later?) I will post in this thread instructions to post some unknown picture. The first person (or their team member) that posts will get the rights to purchase.

This time up is 3 racks of River City New Orleans $100s


You can choose 1,2, or all 3 racks.

These chips were canceled (hot stamp over inlay) , but the stamps have been removed. It is not very noticeable, but you can feel a bit of indent from where the hot stamp was.
Otherwise, the condition of the chips is very good.

Price per rack is $150 NOW $115 USD
Shipping will be from Canada.
Paypal will be friends and family, or you cover the fees.

Good luck!
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Man I thought I set myself on my 100 for my custom set Im building, Ill throw my hat in for these!

This said if someone has a set these would complete I would bow out in favor of them
Still have me in for these correct?!
I have some barrels of $500s that these would go great with, but I wouldn't need more than between 1 and 2 racks. Along with @MC Poker, I think we could work out a deal for all 3 racks.

@MC Poker -- since shipping from Canada tends to be expensive, I'd also be willing to buy all 3 racks, then reship/resell a rack or 2 to @MC Poker separately. (It would only be around $8 shipping for a SFRB or Envelope to reship 1 or 2 racks US to US).

[Edit - @Racer96, I just read the OP more closely, and I see you're waiting till Thurs. or Fri for other interest. So I'll sit tight until then.]
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Still have me in for these correct?!
Yes, I still dropped the price, even though you showed interest. Trying to make the price as fair as I can is all.

And yeah, if it is just yourself and AWenger looking at purchasing it, maybe you guys can work out an agreement.

Ok, there have been a few people posting interest actually about these chips, so there will be a game involved for them.
Anyone that wants to form a team, needs to post in this thread before April 3rd (pacficic time zone) , listing the 3 people total that are working together.

And then, at some point after the date change, I will post in this thread, instructions to post a picture. The first person that posts the picture, gets first rights on purchasing 1,2, or 3 racks. If any racks remain after that, the second person that has posted the picture, will get next opportunity, and so on.

Good luck everyone, have some fun!


edited to add :
I had initially purchased these chips to go along with Grand Vic Primary $25s (link) as a tournament set. I thought the metallic gold edge spots worked well together. I never did get them into play for that though.
Ok, post a picture of your favourite cartoon character.
First one to post gets first rights to purchase 1,2, or 3 racks!
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