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Aug 12, 2013
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Ok, still looking to raise funds to augment my most in play chipsets.

Again, I don’t like doing first dibs sales, as I’ve lost out on so many things because of work or time zones, so I am going to again be doing this a bit different. I am going to wait until thursday April 2nd to see if people are interested. IF there is more than 1 person interested in purchasing, then game on. The people that post interest will have until Friday April 3rd GMT-7 to list 2 additional people to aid them in this quest.
And then at some point on Friday (or later?) I will post in this thread instructions to post some unknown picture. The first person (or their team member) that posts will get the rights to purchase.

So, here is 3 racks of Grand Victoria (Grand Vic) primary $25s.



You can choose 1,2, or all 3 racks.

The price per rack will be $70 NOW $55 USD.
Shipping will be from Canada.
Paypal will be friends and family, or you cover the fees.

Good luck!
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Ok , no people have posted interest on these so far, so at this point, they are now, open to anyone to post dibs on them. First come, first served. (PS, I had initially paired these with the River City Hundreds (link posted) that also have a metallic gold edge spot, for a beginning of a tournament set. I still think that would look good in stacks.
Ok, for a limited time, if you take all 3 racks of these, the price will be $135 , plus $35 for shipping to the US.
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