SOLD Relabeled Empress Star ES Cash

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Feb 20, 2019
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I have a set of ES cash that I had relabeled. It’s a full inlay replacement done by Gear. This would be good for someone who was already looking to relabel these.

I’m willing to sell by the rack.

I played with these about 7 times so they are not mint. I’d say they are in very good condition, with definite sharp edges and not worn. However, the white and yellow chips could use a bath. The blue chips are basically mint because they barely get used. I feel I’m pricing the chips at a very good deal, under market value.

ES$1 - $350/rack.
ES$20 - $700/rack
ES frac - $700/rack.

Shipping is $35 for Express anywhere in the world, except if your location is restricted due to COVID. Then I’d have to ship FedEx or DHL, which I’ll provide a separate quote (usually around $100-150). I know for sure CONUS is $35.

Not a dibs sale but you can post dibs here or via PM. Priority goes to people who want the most racks.
2 racks of fracs and 2 racks of $1’s are sold.
1 rack of $20’s sold.
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