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Apr 1, 2015
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I am looking at an ugly table tomorrow that I am thinking of refurbishing with speed cloth, nicer rail material, cup holders in the rail etc.

Any of you ever refurbish a table? Is it more hassle than starting from scratch? If the rail foam was poor quality would you foam over top or remove the old foam?

Here's the table:

What would this be worth materials wise?
You should be saving money if you buy this and revamp it. The folding legs would probably cost you ~$40, plus 2 sheets of plywood at ~$35 each plus taxes so you save a bit on the reusable materials however you do save a lot of labour since everything is already cut for you.

If the rail foam isn't up to your liking, though it's better to remove the old stuff I wouldn't bother removing the old rail vinyl and foam unless it's easy to cut/rip off. Just upholster over top of it.
Would you ever consider adding high density foam over top of it? Do they make 1/2 inch HD foam? Would the foam be too thick?

Second question. Would you just stick with vinyl over vinyl, or would suede work over vinyl?
I think much depends on the quality of the table & materials & method of construction - and it may be very hard to tell until you start stripping it down.

That said, if you don't have the tools and wherewithal to work with the raw lumber, but are willing to upholster, this is a perfect opportunity to do it without investing the money AND time necessary to do the hardware work.

And I think you could put vinyl or suede on top of vinyl, as long as the backing lets you slide as you stretch - but you'll have a shitstorm of staples underneath. I'd take off the old, myself.
Putting it nicely, I think. Looks like an ironing board cover....
Yeah, take some before pictures for the fugly table thread if you pick it up...
Foam over the existing rail should be fine. If you use 1" it could get very plump. There is 1/2" HD foam available, I've seen it.

The only concern I would have with suede over the existing vinyl without adding more foam would that imperfections in the old rail could show through. Looking from the pictures the inside of the rail isn't completely round which might transfer when you install suede. I have put suede over vinyl before but the old rail was nice and round inside and out.
I hope he got that vinyl for cheap!

I'm decent with woodworking. I already own a plunge router and cutting the materials would not be a problem. I'll let you guys know what I decide.
So, this thing was tiny. Only about 65 by 32.5. So the decision is to build from new.

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