SOLD (price drop) Barrels of CDI 98 $5 // 43mm CDI 98 $1K // 43mm TP Blaze Orange NCV (1 Viewer)

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Dec 28, 2022
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New thread to bundle everything in one Ad.

Up for sale:

Lot 3: 1x Barrel of Tiger Palace 43mm NCV in Blaze Orange - 280€ / $280 plus shipping

Lot 4:
1x CDI 98 43mm $1000 chip, mint, radient red spot, in air tite (it's one of the 80 sold a few months back) - 25€ / $25 plus shipping

SOLD Lot 6 - will go by the barrel, not the entire lot:
4x Barrels of CDI 98 $5 - Price per Barrel: 120€ / $120 plus shipping
(These are all radient red, in matching colors and absolutely new. They are out of the box from Howsey and probably have never seen daylight before. Some small fleabites, shuffled a few of them and they shuffle smooth as you expect from new leaded chips. All inlays same level of texture and darker green. One barrel of that rack ended up in the US. I can tell you by whom and maybe you get them too)

SOLD Lot 1: 1x Rack of CDI 98 $1; out of the 100 chips there are 3 murdered ones (probably Pyramids or so - see picture); so it's just 97x real CDI and 3x of the same type of chip. All chips are in good condition. Slight color variations. Inlays from faded to full - 390€ / $390 plus shipping

SOLD Lot 2:
1x Barrel of Aztar Sec. $25, little use, leaded & textured inlay, shuffle great - 120€ / $120 plus shipping

Lot 5: 3x CDI 98 $25 chips mint, 1 faded inlay & a little dirt - 10€ / $10 plus shipping

Please read:

Chips are in Germany. Prices are in Euro and USD, Payment in Euro via Paypal (Family & Friends or Goods & Service), Shipping worldwide with DHL (e.g. US is 16€ tracked for a barrel & 22,50€ tracked for a rack)
All currency exchange fees, Paypal fees, customs and so on to the expense of the buyer.

Disclaimer on prices:
As you see both prices on the same level. So for US buyers it's a little cheaper. You pay the USD amount converted to the actual spot rates (on Google or so) plus shipping in Euro. Though payment on Paypal should be in Euro. So there might be some fees.
On the other hand I cover shipping to most countries of EU!

Feel free to respond dibs to this thread, pm me and ask anything you like. :)


Lot 1:

Lot 2:

Lot 3:

Lot 4:

Lot 5:

Lot 6:

PS: Color example of leaded vs unleaded colors of which I believe should be the same color. (Tiger Palace chips shown are not for sale)
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Rack of $1s and $25 chips sold.

Updated title and price on CDI 98 $5. Also open to offers.

CDI 98 $1000 43mm chip and a barrel of fresh blaze 43mm Tigers still there.

Have a good day everyone :)

And just for clarification. The CDI $5 are for sale by the barrel not the entire lot. So you can also just buy one or two :)

(updated thread)
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