SOLD ***Price Drop*** 2+ Racks Murdered HSI $25 Primaries + Lots of other Murdered Chips too! (1 Viewer)

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Dec 14, 2020
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Minnesota, USA
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2 Racks + 3 Barrels MURDERED + Flattened Used HSI $25 Chips (CONUS ONLY) = $375 $300 for the entire Lot + (Free Shipping!!)

I murdered these thinking I would be using them for a custom set, but now I have decided to go a different direction. Anyway, they are beautiful chips and they are murdered beautifully with no damage what so ever to any part of the chips. These were cleaned before I got them and other than that they have been Murdered & Flattened. These would be a great addition for just about any Custom set. My loss is your gain. Chris at Gear Labels charges $1.60/chip just for the inlay removal service alone. I am asking just $1.00/chip and you get the chips & the inlay removed and flattening & Shipping all for low low price of $1/chip. For anyone that is wondering, there were plenty of warped chips coming from TCR, but they are totally flat now and stack like bricks. All flattening done with no evidence at all of flattening.

***Bottom Pic of Various other Murdered Chips not included in this sale, but available via PM and will be listed in future Classified "For Sale" ads

Entire Lot (260 chips) = $375 $300 Shipped + (Free Shipping CONUS)
1 or more Racks = $150 $125/Rack + (Free Shipping CONUS)
By the Barrel = $30 $25/Barrel + Shipping
*****Racks NOT included in this sale*****

Go ahead and post dibs here for whatever you want and then we can go from there. I will honor dibs, but only if you follow up in a reasonable time with a pm and make quick payment.

All payments are to be made PP F&F or add 4% plus S&H

All chips will be shipped USPS Priority Mail
ONLY SELLING TO THE USA no International Shipping right now

Shipping Prices are as follows unless otherwise agreed upon:
1 Rack + Free Shipping USPS SFRB or MFRB depending on how many chips you buy
1 Barrel = Shipping = $4 for USPS 1st Class Padded envelope or $9 for USPS SFRB (Your choice)
2-3 Barrels = Shipping = $6 for USPS 1st Class Padded envelope or $9 for USPS SFRB (Your choice)
3-4 Barrels = $9 for USPS SFRB (small flat rate box)

I will ship the chips out the next business day and everything will be packed securely so there is no chance of anything getting damaged.

*P.S If you make original dibs on chips then pull back on some of the chips I reserve the right to cancel all dibs you have made*
*If you call DIBS please make sure you want the chips thank you*

Thanks for looking,

*****NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE, but available via PM & future Classified "For Sale threads"****
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Feb 26, 2021
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jack 5s go quite nicely with the Hsi 25s - I’m using them together for a custom set. If I didn’t have 300 Hsi 25s I’d be buying.
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