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Sep 2, 2023
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I have a Jumers secondary set in excellent condition that has been completely murdered. I bought this set in pieces planning on using it for my own project but the plans have fallen through. The breakdown is -
40 - 500s - Excellent condition
100 - 100s - Excellent condition
120 - 25s - Excellent condition
300 - 5s - Two racks Mint one is excellent condition
110 - 1s Mint
How much do you guys think this would be worth to sell?
My experience has been that even though it takes considerable extra time and/or money to murder chips, that doesn't usually translate to the chips selling for more than the same un-murdered chips.

I have found that usually they will sell for about the same as the same un-murdered chip. My guess would be that less buyers means lower prices which sort of offsets the work or money that went into murdering the chips.

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