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Which system do you think is most accurate?

  • With "In the points" and "final table" & full percentage KOs

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  • Without "In the points" and "final table & full percentage KOs

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  • Without "In the points" and "final table & HALF percentage KOs

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Nov 7, 2014
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New York, United States
So this is my first year running a poker league and after doing a lot of reading and a lot of researching I reached out to TexRex since he seemed to have a really interesting system to assign points to players. It took a lot of back and forth emailing to nail down exactly what he was doing (and figuring out google spreadsheets well enough to translate it) but I finally got it going. I also made another version without all of the 'final table' or 'in the points' categories that TexRex uses. It's a neat system but I found that the rankings didn't really change by taking out a few categories.

I also did one version with the KOs counting for half instead of full credit.

All of the totals are basically percentages taken to 3 decimal points.

Basically nothing changes too much. The only thing that shuffles ranks around at this point are if you do the KOs received/total KOs either as a full percentage or divide that number by half to kind of neuter the KOs as a category.

I am looking to see what people think, what system of the 3 that I am using is the best at "ranking" or if you have any ideas!


  • Poker League Stats - Sheet1.pdf
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  • Poker League w- no final table and 8 point spots - Sheet1.pdf
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  • Poker League short w- KOs-2 - Sheet1.pdf
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