Poker Chip Boxes (2 Viewers)

Everything Alec makes is amazing. My recommendation is to order without reservation. ;)
I already have a deposit made to save my spot in the queue. Now I need to decide on the specifics.

The pictures of Alec's work and the rave reviews makes it an easy decision to move forward.
In a previous thread I showed a 3d render of a potential 1000 chip box. I scaled that down and ended up making a 300 chip box designed for 44mm CPC chips for a member here. I wanted to show that off here as I'm super please with how it came out. This one is designed to mount on the wall, via french cleat, and be taken down easily for showing off a nice a set of chips. I also got to put the laser engraver to work putting the members logo onto the box top! Due to the logo on the lid being a centerpiece, a rectangular shape was desired, so a 6 by 50 layout of chips was chosen. Box is quarter-sawn white oak with a dark brown dye and really shows off some cool ray fleck figuring. Construction on this one is with finger/box joints, but dovetails or keyed miters are an option as well. The interior chip holder is wormy maple. All hardware is solid brass. Let me know what y'all think!

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This size is available for $150 plus $25 for engraving. Custom sizes available and lots of options for wood choice and colors available. Would make a fantastic gift for the holidays! But order soon as I'm just a one-man shop and my order queue is filling up fast to be ready in time for holiday delivery.
Your chip boxes are beautiful and inspiring to me. I am into woodworking a little bit and maybe want to do it professionally in the future. Would love to hear your story some time :)
No time to share more than this, and it’s killing me. More to come.


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