PCF's Favorite $500 Casino Chip - Final vote! (1 Viewer)

Which is your favorite?

  • Starlite

    Votes: 39 55.7%
  • PCA

    Votes: 31 44.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Royal Flush
Jun 8, 2015
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N Indiana, USA
I hate to call these "PCF's Favorite..." because only like 75 people ever vote. But I'm sure we've elected politicians with less turnout, so "PCF's Favorite..." it is then.

The heavyweight battle that could have been predicted back at the start. PCA vs Starlite! (You can vote once, can't change it, and can't see results until you do vote.)

a starlite a.jpeg

a starlite b.jpeg

b pca b.jpg

b pca c.jpgb pca d.jpg
Had a turdburger of a week. So I failed to announce on Monday that in a sort of close vote but not really, PCFs favorite $500 chip is the Bird Cruise Starlite $500.

.50 polls will start showing up soon…thanks to the 80-100 people who look at these threads and take the time to vote, you are appreciated. (Unless you are always nominating too many chips that have no chance to win lol)
Has there ever been voting contests for non-casino chips?

Given how many fantasy chips are out there, that could be interesting as well at some point.
There are threads, but I don’t recall much voting on this category.

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