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Not Mine Paulson Vineyard $500 Chips (1 Viewer)

Are these the same ones that frenchipper has just sold? and, yes the $500 still goes for about $150 - $200 as a single - I think that there is only 1 rack known to exist and I still need one for my sample set!
Weren't these going for ~$200/chip at their peak?

I think some of the old-timers might have paid as much as two-fiddy. Saw these when they were posted yesterday and was like, what?!?!

These are way, way, way out of my league, but I wish all the best to those who might be playing for them.
hardhouseinc posted that he paid $300 back in the day, but pltrgyst just picked one up for $45 best offer.

And to think that somebody was recently complaining about some sets with $500 chips costing five bucks.... :rolleyes:
The lady selling these told me she is the sister of the person who sold the first lot off to the guy who resold them 15 years ago. Their family bought the building and turned it into the church.

She is flooding the market and that will drive prices down IMO. She has a small lot left of all demons except .50, $2, and 8 spot $100s.
I did pick one up for $45 too :)
Had the same story from the seller ;)
Interested to know if delivery will be ok
If I was not in a selling period i think I bought all of them :)
I bought (supposedly) the last twenty. They arrived yesterday, in mint condition, just like the first one...

Never really expected to have one, let alone enough to use them in my Vineyard set...

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