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Apr 25, 2020
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Hello guys, pretty new here and Kinda seeking some advice.

i want to build a modest set 300 chips. A t10k tournament style set. Here is the layout I was thinking.


thats enough for 8 people at 12/7/6/6.

is that a Good distribution?
I’ve played with the chip calculator for hours now. that thing is pretty addicting.
I have Read that having 120-150 chips in play is ideal.. in that distribution I’ll have almost 250 in play. I guess that has Me worried that it’ll get unmanageable. Even after coloring up the $25’s it’s still ~170 chips in play.
We do 10ks and start with 12/12/7/5 but others do 8/8/6/6 to be more efficient. I like a lot of chips on the table but we do try to get those 25s off as quickly as possible. Your breakdown is fine too. I would be worried with larger starting chip counts if multiple tables were in play, but for a STT more is fine in my opinion.

Both WTHC and Classics are nice. I have a WTHC cash set that I love. I have seen both come up for sale recently.
Thank you, that makes me feel better. I don’t see myself having more than one table. I agree the 25’s would be off the table after 1:40.
thanks for your comment.
So, you're setting up for 10 players at 1 table?

12/12/5/6 and 8/8/4/7 are popular distributions that have been discussed here. For single table, most people would prefer the former because it makes for less change-making; for people buying really expensive chips, then the latter might be better because you have the smallest stacks that still makes it playable, though change-making will be more frequent.

Remember to add the chips you need for colour-ups and rebuys (use T5Ks).
Just looking at 8 players at a single table.
Just looking at 8 players at a single table.

300-350 chips is good enough, then.

Using a nice loose 12/12/5/6, that means 96/96/40/48 for your starting stacks. 5x 500 and 10x 1000 for colour up. If we assume 12 rebuys in a night, that adds another 24 T5K. Which gives us a total of 96/96/45/58/24. Rounding brings us to 100/100/50/60/30 = 340 chips.

Using a tighter 8/8/4/7 stack, than means 64/64/32/56. 4x 500 and 7x1000 for colour up. Same number of rebuys. Total 64/64/36/61/24 Rounding brings us to 70/70/40/60/30 = 270 chips.

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