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Mine Paulson 84 chip color sample set - Complete (1 Viewer)


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Mar 23, 2013
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Is that your bid? :) If there are two people that want this and use sniping services, I expect this to go for more than 175. If both of them have stacks of money then 200+. I'd be interested if getting these custom colors were ever going to be possible again.
Probably lower but I hope higher. The time it ends is not optimal. (2:30am est) I need a new power tool. ;)
Thanks for the interest and good luck.
Selling these will offset the cost of this.... (picked it up yesterday) :)

I just want to know why Tommy (forum owner/creator) feels it's OK to buy something other than chips and/or poker related items. I mean you could have bought a few minty racks instead of that drill set...unless maybe you're building chip storage? You certainly don't need a table.
Its not about my money or my desire. I like tommy and I wanted to get him some nice power tools.


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Thanks man, I appreciate it! I will get those shipped out to you first thing Monday morning.
Thanks man, I appreciate it! I will get those shipped out to you first thing Monday morning.

Tommy. you can save a little money on shipping by shipping them to me. I'm about 1/2 drive to NorCal. We could all win

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