For Sale Pandemic Giveaway #4 - Dunes CC Full Sample Set

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Sep 20, 2017
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Hi everyone The DB Dealer Button giveaway was mailed out on Saturday. The Pandemic #3 giveaway for the four 1,000,000 Plaques was drawn for the 5 Omaha Hi participants. I will deal the cards sometime this week and post the winner. Here is Pandemic Giveaway #4. It is a Dunes China Clay 10 Chip full sample set(At least I believe it is a full sample set). I got this from Apache a while ago. The rules for this giveaway are in the US $3 PPFF to go towards shipping if you win. $5 PPFF if you are overseas to go toward shipping. Just post IN on here to be entered for the drawing. The Top 5 names will be picked from a Randomizer and will play Omaha Hi to see who wins the Sample Set. I'll leave the signups open until Next Sunday 4/19 at 12PM EST. Let the Signups Begin!!!

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