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Nov 5, 2014
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I've noticed on a few dark green Paulson chips with lighter edge spots that the edge spots seem to be painted on rather than part of the chip. After much use, fading appears to be visible.

The two chips I've seen this on specifically are the green, Private Card Room chip - it's pink and light blue edgespots and the green Lucky Derby $.50 chip, dark green with orange edge spots.

Are there some scenarios where they just paint over a solid chip instead of embedding the edge spots into the chip?

Happy Festivus btw.
I suppose it's possible that there was an error when depositing the "clay" composite for the edge spots (not enough was laid in), and then when the base color came in, it filled the void. If there was a very thin layer of spot color, it can wear over time and have a similar appearance to fading paint.

If it's a genuine Paulson, then it simply slipped past quality control. They don't paint. Matching colors with paint is phenomenally difficult. You can get very close in a given light, but as soon as you go to a different light, it won't match any more - to get a perfect match, you almost always have to work in the same physical material.
I'll post some pics when I get a chance but it could be the dark green base color transferring over the bright edge spots.
I have seen the occasional rare set on eBay where an owner of solids has painted edge spots on the chip. The one i vaguely recall had black chips with green spots
I always thought that some of the older Treasure Island Vegas $1 chips were painted. Blue chip with two white spots.

This is a painted edge spot

And this authentic Paulson casino chip is NOT painted:
Really? When I talked to David Spragg he told me the originals on these WERE painted as Paulson didn't have a punch forbthis
Paulson/GPI certainly has a punch for the P31 spot (CPC does not, however).

Unlike elsewhere, all NJ-regulated chips are required to have the denomination molded into the chip for security purposes.
I have a blue $1 Mirage chip from Las Vegas where it looks like the four white spots are painted on. It is a Paulson chip on their house mold. Similar ones are on eBay. I should post a picture. Does this site host pics or do I have to do the photo bucket thing?
Mr. Tree, did someone paint those on after the fact or were they manufactured that way?
EDIT: sorry, didn't see answer.
Unlike elsewhere, all NJ-regulated chips are required to have the denomination molded into the chip for security purposes.

I'm afraid you've been given some misinformation; many of them don't.

I just broke out my collection of $1, $2.50, and $5 chips collect from Atlantic City casinos that were still open this summer (2014), and here's what I found on molded denominations:

Tropicana - denoms on all three.
Caesars - denoms on all three.
Taj Mahal - denoms on all three.
Showboat - denoms on all three.
Bally's - denoms on all three.

Trump Plaza - denoms on $1 and $5, not on $2.50 (which is a ceramic)

Harrah's - no denom on any of the three. $1 and $5 are TH&C, $2.50 is a Bud-Jones type CIC.
Borgata - no denoms. Bud Jones.
Revel - no denoms on any; all three are TH&C.
Golden Nugget - no denoms (TH&C)
Resorts - no denoms (TH&C)

I don't have chips from the Atlantic Club, they closed in January (see my WTB post.)

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