PAHWM - $1/$3 JTs in a straddled shallow stack spot (1 Viewer)

You play better than me, so I will say I probably pay this guy off here...unless I got the better feeling of how tight he is by playing with him. I guess there are certain players that I would fold this big of a hand to, but for sure if I think he can value bet lower, I am just calling it off.

Also agreed that I am never folding JTs for a single bet in a live game. Hell, I don't even fold it online where the average player only plays 25% of hands or less.

I am playing PLO6 online right now (because that's where the action is), where damn near every winning hand is the stone nuts. it's amazing how often the winner is JT.
Seems to me the whole decision point depends on how good Hero's villain range is.

There are more than one players in my pool that are nut peddlers. All-in jam at the river when we are sure it is safe means the nuts. On a frisky day, the king high flush. I can easily find a fold vs those villains.

But most players are going to be called down. Sometimes pretty reluctantly, other times with enthusiasm but still worth the call. It is all about the read - sometimes Hero just knows it is time to fold.

Lucky for hero that villain wasn't tricky / trappy. Hero likely bets if checked to and old man coffee gets a bite out of hero's butt.

And if OMC somehow has uncorked a rare bluff, good for him. -=- DrStrange

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