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Not Mine Overpriced casino singles (1 Viewer)


Full House
Nov 5, 2014
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Riverside, CA, USA

I think this seller has an unrealistic expectation on the value of his collection.
60 chips... $30k firm.
Poker Chip Collection $30000
That has to be a typo. But then again, even $3k is LOL
He doesn't even list what they all are or their condition. I'm thinking they're stolen. (But I'm a cynic.)

Also, he's from AZ, but listed them in the VEGAS CL... That part is curious...

Can't be a typo. He typed "30000" in the title and "30k" in the writeup.
Unlikely a typo. Set isn't even worth $300... $30 is a little low... although there are some dice chips in the photo, so that brings down the value a bit. I have several of these chips myself... maybe I should try to sell my set for $15k... cut into this seller's potential market.
They're not all in air-tites. I'm out!
I really want the cut/stained t-shirt that he used to present this quality set.........
$30k firm, crap. I searched all the couch cushions and everything, could only come up with $27,244.68. I guess I'm out.
And I thought the 4 casino Aztar chips on eBay for $39.99 was overpriced.....this takes the cake

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