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Apr 28, 2020
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Schongau, Germany
Well, after getting back to poker after several years of absence ... I am thinking about getting another custom set. Just thinking of CPC right now (I have had several sets of ASM from 2006-2010 - is the quality still this good as it was then?)

Well, actually the set is not for me :sneaky: - I thought it was a good idea for our son (whose birth is scheduled for this summer) to get his own set (with which I can play for the next years before he can use and value it). His name will be Moritz (german name) ... so I thought Mo's Private Poker Room was a fitting theme.

Actually, this is the first design I created myself (always had professional designer help in the past - but as this is a "family set" I like to do it myself). I want it to have a clean, straight look - I like it (of course open fur improvements, suggestions).


This will be a mixed set which I can use for cash game (0.20 / 0.20) and tourney (T5000) - I know most of you dislike the option of one set for cash & tourney, but this will be the way for Mo's poker room :)

Breakdown will be:
200 x 0.20
160 x 1
080 x 5
080 x 25
060 x 100
060 x 500
030 x 1000
010 x 5000 (just for rebuys)
010 x Bounty
010 x Show em
700 chips total

I am looking forward to opinions, suggestions regarding breakdown etc ;)


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I am an absolute huge fan of two major concepts, subtle inlay changes among denoms, and color matching inlays. While straightforward, I think the color match type does enough to make them appealing.

I’m not one with extensive design knowledge or spot patterns, but I really like the two middle chips. We’ve seen quite a bit of the butterscotch type colors involved in recent CPC sets, and lawd they are looking fantastic.

As an extension, I think the purple and grey play well off that, having both muted tones to go along with it while still having a color pop.

I’m personally not in absolute love with the green, but that’s probably personal preference of brighter tones. That being said, a bunch of purple in a splash pot probably plays well and helps counter/spotlight the next two light lee colored chips. Do you have mockups with different greens?

Only other aspect is the spot pattern changes from first to second to third, but repeats on fourth (although the bright/dull spots on the two are switched). Not sure if this would bug someone or be intentional, I’m not the spot pattern guy.

Love the overall chip idea and really dig the type face. Wife’s fav country is Germany, and Moritz was on the list of possible names for our little guy. Let me know if you do any samples for this order (Or have any extra samples from your previous customs) please!!!
Love the inlays and elephants (and crowns :) ), as well as most of the colors. The only thing I'd consider changing (but that's just taste) is the 314 colors on the 50c - having 2+1 (as opposed to 3 of the same or all 3 different) feels a bit unbalanced to me.
Some more mock-ups:

- one idea could be to start with 114 spots. So the chip with 114/314 would be 2 colored (the other ones three colored)
- or got with the same spot all the way ( I kinda like the 3trim version)

What do you think?


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Hm, I like both. Maybe make a primary and secondary set?
I like the inlay a lot, especially with the color match on the name, very nice touch.

About the spots, I always thought that the best for a CG set is to keep the same spots and keep spots evolution for tournament sets.

So my preference goes to this version :

The only changes I would make will be to keep the same combo "dark color/bright color" for the last chip too.

Some ideas :

Last version is great !
Maybe you could try something with the inlay : the texts "Private Poker Room" and "Est.2020" with the secondary color of each chip.
Shared my design with my wife and we will go with the 3trim spot colors for ALL chips (I really like this spot and am a big fan of consistency) - 10 EUR still under discussion while purple/butterscotch and green are pretty set

View attachment 450818

That mold is awsome. Love theSpot pattern and I love all the chip and spot colors. I wouldn’t change any of it.

Admittedly, I am all about large imagery and denoms, but I think the denoms are too small for my taste. Personally I would almost double the size.
That black inlay is gorgeous !
A bit worried about the small texts, maybe too small for printing & pressing :/
Dibs for samples of both!

As for the size of text, I think these should still be within what's readable. I had the same issue with my inlays, but wouldn't want to compromise on the design (other than making the texts a tad thicker). Now I'm waiting for the chips to be pressed and hoping for the best.
Love the chips, but I also think that text may be illegible and the denoms are a bit small for my taste.
Love the chips, but I also think that text may be illegible and the denoms are a bit small for my taste.
I will give that a thought - I was not so sure about the proportions of "Moe's" to denom and the rest of the text ... advice will be gladly accepted!
Changes made:
- increased font sizes on denoms and circle text
- decreased font size of "Moe's"View attachment 450886
View attachment 450887

Looking great!

Maybe you want this, but the edge spot contrast is subtle for the first 3 then drastic on the last. That charcoal / DG tiger combo you had in your first mock up looked great, what about going back to charcoal for the base?
These look great. If you do not have a CPC color sample set, I highly recommend one. The only change that I would suggest is maybe DG yellow spots on the butterscotch chip. The rest of the spot colors are bright. Canary is not a bright yellow.
How's the lighting in your card room? The only concern I'd have with the current lineup is the 10c & 10e. Even in good lighting purple and charcoal are pretty close, and the pink/tiger edge spots you have on both are also really similar...

Good lighting:


Average lighting:


These look great. If you do not have a CPC color sample set, I highly recommend one. The only change that I would suggest is maybe DG yellow spots on the butterscotch chip. The rest of the spot colors are bright. Canary is not a bright yellow.
Besides from the colors Added in the Last years, I Had Samples :tup:

I will try the DG yellow spot on the butterscotch chip!
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