Online vs Casino vs Home Game vs Mobile App - Time Etiquette (when is it okay to leave)


Two Pair
Mar 3, 2020
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Raleigh, NC
Our home game standard is to announce an end time about halfway through the session, and then 20 minutes past the end time announce last orbit for at least 5 orbits an then say fuck it and play until people can’t keep their eyes open anymore.

Online and casino, no need to announce, just bounce. Though I wouldn’t hit and run with friends online or at the casino with people I know or regs.


Jul 25, 2020
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Among strangers online or in a casino, leave whenever you want.

Among friends online or in a casino, do whatever the group's consensus is.

At a home game, do whatever the host says.

At my home games, leave whenever you want. I'd only care about you leaving suddenly if it meant you only cared about the money... but if you're at my game, you're a friend, and because you're a friend, I already know you don't only care about the money. Even if you get up and leave the second you win a big pot. Congratulations on your good hand, sorry you have to leave, glad to know you'll be going home with a good feeling about playing in my game, and I hope you can make it back next time and stay longer. Drive safe and have a good night.

If anyone complains that they want a chance to win “their money back“, you can easily explain that it ceases to be their money when it was put it in a pot.
Amen, brother.
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