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Aug 25, 2022
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If you’re not familiar, On the Point, Top of the Dune is the location of Bernie Lomax’s beach house (funded with money from life insurance fraud).


Impressive and Unimpressive things I have to trade:

Rack of Strat $1’s
Rack of Orange THC Fitzgerald’s Roulettes, Casino used, I cleaned them, but they need more cleaning.
Rack of Pink THC Fitzgerald’s Roulettes, Casino used and disgusting.
Rack of Tiger Palace Secondary $500’s - Traded
Players Reno Sample Set
Single Damaged Crystal Park Secondary $1 chip

Impressive things I am looking for:

LCO $5’s (these belong in Wisconsin, please and thank you)
Tiger Palace Primary $5’s
Tiger Palace Secondary $1’s & $5’s
The Ice Cardroom Sample Set – Found and destroyed

Not for sale yet, going to try and see if any trades work out. If you don’t have anything to trade and need something here, feel free to reach out and express interest. (Fully willing to admit this trade thread was probably a waste of time to put together and I should have just went to the all tigers trade thread with the $500's and sold the rest)

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Btw Bernielomax: my wife and I decided to watch that movie after more than 10 years or so, thx to your Username!!!!! Kudos ;-D
A few updates:

1.) 10 people have expressed interest in the damaged Crystal Park secondary chip. I may have to put this one up for auction to make it fair.
2.) A couple of people have asked why I destroyed The Ice Cardroom sample set. (Seems a little obvious) For the record, that's between @NotRealNameNoSir and myself. K, Thx for checking though.
Tiger Palace Secondary $500's have been traded.

Also, for your reading pleasure @NeoViny23

A custom set theme idea that I tabled for now:

Christies Auction Catalog Listing:

Bernie Lomax was a successful New York executive that was murdered in the late 1980’s. Following his death it was discovered that he ran a life insurance scam with ties to the convicted and now famous mob hitman Paulie Calfa and mob boss Vito Gambino. The police found these poker chips locked inside a hidden safe along with two million dollars he stole and an assortment of illicit drugs.

Excerpt from Vanity Fair:

In a 1990’s interview with Vanity Fair, former tennis pro Jack Hallet (who later ended up purchasing Lomax’s custom Porsche golf cart), said Lomax would host weekly poker nights with an uncapped buy-in. The game included several notable regulars and was even known to have some celebrities on occasion. “I don’t want to name any names, but one time I remember a famous New York real estate developer telling everyone at the table Everything in Life is Luck” Hallet recalled.
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