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In for 200

Have a donation link?
appreciate you asking — if anyone would like to join our effort to donate, please feel free to venmo me (info below). We’re sending the donation check next week.
If anyone would like to donate directly to the organization, please visit HERE!
This donation effort is in honor of my late brother, Scott.
Thank you!
My Venmo
(Please put your PCF name in note so I can thank you!)
Starting stacks for tonight’s cash game. Rugers in play!! We are going to open things off with a flip to give someone a freeroll and take the edge off of the degen tingles. Stay tuned to see how much we have on the table by peak degeneracy. Each starting stack is $100 but that’s just warm up.

Single $1 blind NLHE. In the blind with 33. EP raises to $9, 3 callers. I complete. Flop is KT3 rainbow. Checks around. Turn is the 3h. I check. Preflop raiser bets $18. I call. River is another heart. I check. He bets $25, I raise all in for $60. He snaps with 2h4h.

Has anyone seen these chips? Any info about where to buy would be appreciated!

Enjoying some cash action after the tourney. We’ve raised roughly $2250 today that will go to East AL Miracle League. I’m grateful to be around such good folks both in person and the folks on PCF. Thank you

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