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Nov 4, 2014
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Vero Beach FL
I have never had the following problem but I once wondered what I would do
if I had to run a multi-table, or single table really, tournament without any high denom chips.
I thought it would actually be very easy to simply 'chip down', or halve every players stack and the blinds.
Anyone ever have to do this? Or even consider it?
(I hope this doesn't cause anyone to buy fewer chips.)
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or have every players stack and the blinds.

I couldn't understand what you were talking about until I realized you meant halve every player's stack and the blinds.

Interesting idea. I think it could work, but it would "feel" like you were losing something even as the big stack. I probably wouldn't like it, but if it were necessary, it could work.
Ahh, halve the stacks. Thanks Gear.

Halving the stacks may work, but I think you would soon run into fractional problems halving the blinds. Leaving the blinds alone and halving each player's stack, would have a similar affect to raising the blinds.
Oops, yes halve. This is what happens when you have to type in a post twice. My first submission didn't go thru.

Also, I didn't see my thread when I clicked on the "What's new" or "new posts" tabs?
Any idea why?

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