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May 11, 2021
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Welcome to the Group Buy - This is NOT an interest thread


Current status: (2024/01/07) - Taking orders, Test set arrived, errors with set
(2024/10/06) - Taking orders, Updates Complete! - Monkey on order
Next Update: Julj 7th-ish

Group Buy Open: idus Martii (ides of March, aka the 15th)
Group Buy Close: April-ish May 15th 31st June 26th-ish
Estimated Cost per unit: 100 70 USD + reshipping (which will be FOB)
Offer: 1 offering, 46 Plaques w/ 1 tuck box

Cost will be adjusted once orders are tallied, if you are not willing to spend 100 USD please refrain from posting until I update the Estimated Cost (I will be conservative). Price will be dictated by units ordered. Funds will be collected for the order prior to placing the order, once delivered I will request shipping costs (from me to you). Shipping will be FOB (Free On Board).

This version will not have the branding 'The Icarus'

Please respond with quantity desired
If you don't have a US address please note 'Non US address'

I will update this post so please check it often. Again please do NOT post questions in this thread, this is only for orders.



I will need a Test Monkey, The monkey will buy the first set, I will open it for QA and photos, and ship it out
Pro: Will receive significantly sooner than others
Contra: Could be errors in cards, cost will be higher

Risk is significantly reduced this is the second GB for these, I paid for the first two in the first group buy out of pocket, this is really just a validation. If we don't have a Test Monkey I'll likely add the cost into the group buy.

If you're interested, please include in the reply 'I'll be the Monkey!'

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It would appear that we are at about 40 units with post 42
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Question: any possibility of adding a few cards to deck that have high card rankings on one side and low on the other? For newbies who need the reference?

I can assist with graphics.
Is this the same as the last set with the exception of no branding? No new games on this one?
The Godfather Club is pulling back on their reservation. I don’t know they’re detailed enough for us. Thanks.

Haters for the undibs get in line.

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