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Royal Flush
Feb 25, 2016
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Line is SF -7. I'll take Lions +6.5.

Winner gets a team T-shirt of their choice from I would say an NFC Champion T-shirt, but I could theoretically win the bet but lose the game.

$40 cap before shipping.

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I'm interested in the same gambol as wedge.... gambling is more fun than not gambling
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I’m down for a tshirt bet. Even though I got the lions at 7.5 in my underdog parlay (chiefs at 4), all my other bets are the Niners on the moneyline. Happy to wager a T-shirt!
I follow a pretty good handicapper, he’s recommending a 2 unit play on Niners -7 and also alternate line Niners -14.5 +225. Soooo yah…go Niners!

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