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Sep 15, 2019
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N. Syracuse, NY
Hey all,

I'm yet another one of those misguided fools who's looking to create his own board game chip set. I had originally bought a 300-chip set of Milanos, but I didn't love the idea of trying to get labels made for them. I also hated the way the pink clay faded in every denomination that had a pink in it..

So, I'm thinking about a ceramic set. Before my original purchase, I got a bunch of non-ceramic samples (milanos, showdowns, pharoahs.. basically everything from Apache), and now I'm wondering if I need to do the same for ceramics. Is there much variation in full ceramic chips and the printing processes used? Are all ceramic chip manufacturers capable of similar colors/brightness? Any differences in feel?

I've also only recently learned a bit about Sun Fly chips and their hybrids, and also have come to understand that getting samples of those might be like pulling teeth. Would it be worth it to try? If so, any suggestions of sources?

The biggest hurdle I've, though, is of course the design. I'm set on trying to do my own, as I'd rather not waste anyone's time until I come up with a concept I like. It's harder than I originally thought to come up with a theme that somehow blends board games and pinball (my two biggest hobbies).. I've been bouncing back and forth on concepts for a while.. between mostly text/icon type logos, to illustrations reminiscent of two-tone rockabilly art (I'm a fan of Brian Holderman's pinball work), to something akin to the sign you might find above a new arcade.. I suppose I'll never be completely satisfied, which is likely why I've been thinking about this for so long..

If anyone would care to toss in your two cents regarding any of the above, it would be appreciated. Thank you!
I'm in a similar boat, snagged 3 sample sets from BRPro, and am now working on getting a small run of my own custom chips.

I'd highly recommend sample sets - I did the High Stakes Poker and both Valentino sets. The High Stakes set seems to have more texture than the Valentinos. The base Valentinos are a little dull looking, but they have examples on the site of a brighter version and most of the rest of their chips are plenty bright.

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