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Feb 23, 2014
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I've been on CT and homepokertouyrney for a bit now. not too long. I just found this forum by accident. glad I did.
Hope I can contribute as much as I take away.
welcome turn,
it's not by accident that you're here, you've just done the wrong turn :)
Welcome sir!

a lot of people here are into terribles things, but they're ultimately ok folks!
Lol @ Eric :p.

@ Turn2: Welcome! Hope you enjoy the forum and community!
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I guess I need to introduce my chips, table, cards and other fun stuff? :)
Can't post attachments :(

Sorry folks, don't have permission
Can't post attachments :(

Sorry folks, don't have permission

There was a conflict btw the gallery and forum permissions. It should be fixed now. :)

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