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Jan 9, 2014
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I'm not usually a big fan of "new" games introduced by new players to our home game, but this one has created quite a stir among the regulars and we have nominated it for new game of 2015. It's a hi-lo stud game with a common card and goes like this:

Eveyone is dealt four down cards to start and has to discard one of the card and roll one of the card face up. So you now have two cards down and one up. Then there is a round of betting. Then everyone gets another card up and another round of betting. The everyone gets a third card up and a common card is dealt, followed by a round of betting. Finally everyone gets a down card, followed by a round of betting, a hi-lo declare and a final round of betting. In each round of betting the person showing the lowest hand (including the common card once it is revealed) opens the betting.

It is in interesting game because the card people choose to tun up initially can often give you insight into their two hole cards. Players who turn up a A or a 2 (or even a 3) are often not going low or only have two good low cards. Think about it, if you are trying to go low, you will often turn up the highest of your three cards so as to hide your two lowest cards. Of course, it you are playing with thinking and tricky players, they may use that to their advantage and not flip up the highest of three cards.

Anyhow, given that there are 7 total cards at the end of play (3 up, 3 down and a common card), that players see an extra card initially and that players can choose which two of their three initial card to keep in the hole, the winning hands are often better than those in 7-stud (depending a lot on the common card). We have found that the game usually creates large pots and I think there is a big advantage for good card readers over those that simply play their own hands without paying much attention to others.
We've played an almost identical variant for a number of years called Tahoe Pitch and Roll. The two differences are that 3rd/4th street come together and are individual cards, no community ones, and that 7th street is dealt up, instead of the traditional down cards.

Personally I love this game, especially in PL form as it can be really interesting. We've had some huge pots blow up over the years with this game, particularly in situations where it looks like someone is going for a low, but maybe started rolled up and hits their boat/quad on an unsuspecting high hand.

Here is a link to one of the first posting about the game in 2006
Are you betting fixed limits, with double the amount on 5th, 6th, and 7th streets? I'm willing to play this game with you, Payback, at the Windy City Blowout on the 25th! I'm getting so tired of no limit hold'em, any other game excites me.
Are you betting fixed limits, with double the amount on 5th, 6th, and 7th streets? I'm willing to play this game with you, Payback, at the Windy City Blowout on the 25th! I'm getting so tired of no limit hold'em, any other game excites me.

Double amounts would come after 6th/7th street in FL as the small bets would be after the "roll" on 3rd and then, after the combined 4/5th streeth.

OMG yes to pitch and roll!!! I'd play this game all night long in PL format as I love it that much. Fixed limit I'm kinda meh on, but either way happy to play it. I'm guessing this will probably find its way into some rotation at one of the games. Are you coming for all nights or just a few?

InIver you should get on our meet up group list and come play with us more frequently. Abby hosts games in highland pack which is 1:15 for you. My drive is just around an hour to get to her game for comparison.
I'm not a nlhe guy either, this game sounds horribly outside my comfort zone
Send Abby to Kinko's to have them make a card for this game to add to her humongous stack of poker variants! :)
I've heard this called pitch & bitch but you don't have to declare high/low. Minnie Mae (sp?) is a similar game where you have to declare.
In Mini May there's no roll your own. Also one thing I forgot to point out is that in our version of throw one, roll one, there is no qualifier for low. In Mini May there is a 10 qualifier low and in most 7 stud hi-lo games there is an 8 qualifier low.
How does the declaring process work? Is it verbal by position with the button being the last or do players produce one or two chips in hand and show all simultaneously (this is how we did it in Anaconda - 1 chip = high, 2 chips = low)? It it's verbal and by position, doesn't the button have an advantage?
Traditional Anaconda everywhere I've ever played it is none for low, one for high, two for both, all in closed fists on the table, then shown approximately simultaneously.
We declare by simultaneous chip drop, too. None for low, one for high, two for both. BTW as long as you don't lost one way you win if you go both. Also no backing in. E.g. If I go both and tie one player for hi and beat everyone else going low, I get 3/4 of the pot and the one who tied me hi gets 1/4. If I go both, beat everyone hi but lose to one player lo, then the player who beat me lo wins the whole pot. The player who finished second to me hi gets nothing.
(almost started a new thread, but since this seems to be the catch-all new stud game thread...)

the super stud/big O game has finally made its way into the low stakes east coast games. Parx started spreading it a couple weeks ago and i finally made it over for a game this past week.

super stud, if anyone is not familiar, is stud 8 where each player gets 4 down and 1 up and discards two of the downcards before the hand plays out as normal. big O is simply 5-card O8. the game at Parx is currently playing at $10/20, but i know a couple of the players were talking about getting it up to $15/30.

i don't know whether it will last, but the game is amazing right now. people are WAAAAAY overvaluing hands in the stud round and marginally overvaluing hands in the omaha round (as you would expect). nevertheless, i ran like absolute ass and donked it up a bit too much looking for marginal value and managed to drop a rack friday night. then saturday night had to grind other games to get it back. but i'll be back at the game when it inevitably runs this weekend. the list was a mile long and they never opened a must move (no idea why), but there's clearly interest.

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