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Jan 29, 2024
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united states
Hi all. After lurking for a while I've decided to become a bit more active here. Its been great diving into the rabbit hole and I've learned a lot. Like many, I started with simply a desire to upgrade my home game, and have been impressed with the reality of the hobby. I settled on some Tina Aria tributes for my first cash set. They've hit the felt once so far and the guys love them. Not sure how people feel about solo ordering Tina's but that's what I did and it went smoothly.

I whipped up a cardboard dealer tray while the real one ships. Say what you will but it works great!



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"I AM WILLIAM WALLACE!" I have absolutely no idea who this Sir William is... but I assure you we will get to the bottom of this mystery! Everyone IN!
Screenshot_20240308_113345_Samsung Internet.jpg

Alright... let's see just what's going on here
Screenshot_20240308_113527_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240308_113730_Samsung Internet.jpg

Nevermind this got weird...

Welcome to PCF @sirwilliam ... hmm doesn't allow me to tag you... Sir we are going to need to see your papers of nobility!

Sorry... really bored on a Friday at work.

Love the tray, hope you like the chips and run away from this place before your taste in chips gets more expensive!

Fellow Chipper Ben

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